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Ladder golf is featured as one of the top beach and poolside games on 2014

April 15, 2014

Of course Ladder Golf is going to get mentioned on the list of best games for poolside & beach play this year. After all, the founder of Ladder Golf @BrentDoud wrote the article! 

It's an honor to have Ladder Golf mentioned in the article with some great classic outdoor games like Giant 4 in a row, Tumble Tower, Outdoor Dice, Cornhole, & Molkky.

Here is a link to the article on It's got some great images. It's worth a quick look

Good Morning America features Ladder Golf

June 22, 2013

Popular Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts got a chance to play Ladder Golf. The segment about “Summer Products” was shot in Central Park and as you can see Robin is pretty good at Ladder Golf. I especially like the finger guns she fired off after making a 3 point shot!
Jullianne Hough playing Ladder Golf on Late Night

July 08, 2012

Take a look at Ladder Golf`s guest appearance on NBC`s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon alongside Dancing with the Stars two-time champion, Julianne Hough.