Outdoor Game Scoreboard

Keeping score just got easier!

We are pleased to announce the release of the new and improved - best outdoor game scoreboard on the planet. 

Our scoreboard works with ALL outdoor games. When we say all outdoor games, we mean it. Our scoreboard can keep track of up to 4 players scores up to 61 points! This is the perfect outdoor game scoreboard for Ladder Golf, Cornhole, Washers, Bocce Ball, Horseshoes, Mollky and more.

Our Scoreboard is precision cut from steel with holes for permanent mounting onto almost any surface. Score is kept by sliding powerful colored magnets up and down on the scoreboards surface. We designed this scoreboard for use anywhere so you can choose to mount it with the nails, we also give you option of hanging the scoreboard from the leather lanyard that is included. Or just set it on any surface and keep score.

But wait.. there's more.. We designed the scoreboard to fit directly onto your Ladder Golf game using only the center knob! You can attach it or take if off anytime!

Scoreboard Size: We got a comment below that the scoreboard was smaller than they thought. We designed the scoreboard for multiple uses. It can go on the side of your Ladder Golf game, on your Cornhole game or almost anywhere. The size is 17" tall by 2.25" wide.

This is definitely the ultimate scoreboard for all your outdoor games!

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