Tall Drink Holder (2 Pack)

These Lawn Drink Holders are 40 inches tall from the bottom of the stake to the top of the drink holder. The stakes are 6 inches long and the drink holder is 4 inches tall.  So your Drinking Platform is right at the perfect Beverage reaching height.

Who is keeping score anyway?  Well, we are and that is why we added two small hooks on the side of the cup holder to conveniently hang a scoreboard, chalkboard or a lawn game sign!  We think it is a brilliant idea and the hooks allow you to creatively add little bit of customization to create the perfect Lawn Game Party!

These Yard Stake Drink Holders come in a 2-PACK, because who wants to drink alone?

PLEASE NOTE- Listing is for (2) Drink Holder Yard Stakes ONLY, Accessories are NOT INCLUDED. Check our other listing for Bolas and Scoreboards.

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