Backyard Spring Parties - 3 things you must have!

Backyard Spring Parties - 3 things you must have!

Spring is right around the corner (March 20th to be exact) and it's time for the first backyard party of the year. So cut the grass, clean the grill and get ready to have some fun! You will only need to plan 3 things in advance in order to pull off a great Spring backyard party:


Good Food

Plan on having some good food for your guests. I would not recommend the typical burgers and dogs, save that for Summer time. I would go for something different like smoked pork or smoked brisket sandwiches, coleslaw and a fresh fruit salad. It really doesn't matter what you cook as long as you have good food and friends around. Do you want to grill during the party or just serve the food?
  • Grilling during the party: This recipe from Martha Stewart for smoked pulled pork sandwiches looks tasty, but be prepared for several hours of cooking time.
  • Cooking in advance: This recipe for pulled pork sliders at What's Gaby Cooking, looks great and you can cook it in advance in the crock pot.

Cold Drinks

Always have plenty of cold drinks ready for your guests. Beer and wine are always a favorite, but don't forget about the lemonade, ice tea and other refreshing non-alcoholic beverages. If you want to try some specialty Spring Cocktails, take a look at the Sangria Bianca and Pink Tequila at Refinery 29.


Outdoor games

Unless you want to just sit around all afternoon to eat and drink, you better have some fun outdoor games setup and ready to play. Of course we recommend our Ladder Golf brand Ladder Ball game. It's great for parties, because 4 people (2 teams of 2 players) can all play on one Double Ladder Golf game. The game is fast, you can complete a game in 5-10 minutes and the next team will step in to play the winners. Other outdoor games that we recommend for your Spring Time Barbeque are Rollors, Cornhole, Bocce Ball or Croquet. With a bit of planning you can have a perfect backyard party! Now go plan your menu, order your outdoor games and don't forget to send us photos!
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