About Us

Ladder Golf was born in the summer of 2003 at a campground in San Diego. It all started when a group of friends and I stumbled upon a game being played with PVC pipes and tennis balls. I was intrigued by the concept and immediately had a vision for what this game could be. I called my new game Ladder Golf and over the course of the next couple months my father and I came up with the wooden design that you still see today. My brother in-law Bill and I played countless games in order to come up with the official rules for the game. 

I set out to build an online business centered around this new game. First, It started very small with everything handmade in a garage and then it grew into a small office and warehouse. But as the demand for Ladder Golf grew, so did the business. Today, tens of thousands of games have been sold around the world and Ladder Golf is well known in the outdoor game industry. 

At Ladder Golf, we believe in having fun and giving back to our community. We strive to provide high quality, long-lasting products that our customers can enjoy for years to come. 

Thank you for choosing Ladder Golf and helping to make my dream become a reality. I hope you have as much fun playing this game as I had creating it and building it over the last 20 years.

~ Brent Doud
   Founder, LadderGolf.com