Martha Stewart featured Ladder Golf on her show.

Martha Stewart featured Ladder Golf on her show.

This week has been a crazy and fun week here at Earlier in the week, I traveled to NYC to watch the taping of The Martha Stewart Show. I got to sit in the front row of the studio audience to watch Martha play Ladder Golf as well as other yard games that were all setup in her studio. BTW.. Martha was not that good at Ladder Golf, more to come on that later.

When I walked into the studio they had transformed the usual stage into a nice green backyard setting. They had several yard games like Croquet, Ladder Golf, Wiffle Ball, Mölkky and Badminton setup throughout the studio. They had a BBQ grill, patio furniture and of course a craft station. It is the Martha Stewart show right?

They started with croquet and moved to Ladder Golf where Martha tossed bola after bola after bola without making a point. She ended up tossing 9 bolas before barely making a 1 point shot. I was dying in the audience, not only laughing a bit inside, but also wondering how they were going to edit this footage. I wanted to jump out of my seat and show her how to toss the bolas. I was thinking "she is so bad at this game they might cut the entire scene from the show". I have not seen the final show yet, but judging by the calls and orders, the final edit turned out okay.

It's a good thing Martha had author Paul Tukey and actress Victoria Rowell on the show. Paul played Ladder Golf with Martha and he was able to land some good shots. Paul and Victoria have a new book called "Tag, Toss and Run". The book features 40 outdoor yard games that you can play with your family and friends. Some are classic yard games and some are new games that you have never heard of. Check it out at Amazon.

Next Martha had several swings at a Wiffle ball and then tried her luck in a game called Mölkky. A Finnish game where you try to knock over wooden pins for points. The game looks really fun and Martha was not very good at it either, so I didn't feel so bad about her first Ladder Golf experience.

After that they played a little badminton and then moved on to the craft part of the show, where they made hanging outdoor lanterns and homemade Popsicles.

The studio audience got a Ladder Golf brand single ladder ball game.

For the full video of Martha playing Ladder Golf click here

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